Specialized Investigations Consultants, a Miami-based investigations company is proudly owned and operated by current and retired law enforcement professionals. Our firm, not only serves the Miami area, but also all of South Florida with more than 100 years of combined State, Federal and Local law enforcement experience.

Due to many cuts to local city and state law enforcement budgets, there is a demand for quality investigative and protection services. Specialized Investigations Consultants provides extremely qualified and trained investigators to suit your needs.

We specialize in a variety of different types of investigations, including armed body guard protection for both executive and personal.

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Specialized Investigations Consultants, a Miami-based investigations firm has been a proud member of some of the most recognized professional associations in this industry, and have team members in director-level and board-level positions. We are also regularly invited to speak conferences and provide keynotes.



what OUR CLIENTS are saying

I would recommend Jay for investigation work to anyone who wants a professional and prompt service. I called him on a Friday to find and get a witnesses statement before Monday and he got the job done by that evening. In today’s world of instance gratification, you want him on your side. He’s the perfect “can do” person and not one to make excuses. If you want a job done right and quickly you must hire him.

Joshua Hertz – Hertz Law Firm

Jay and his team at Specialized Investigations Consultants are experienced, friendly, and highly skilled professionals. They deliver accurate and reliable information quickly. They are my go-to source for all things P.I. and investigative help and I always recommend them to all of my clients, friends, and family!

Melissa Caballero Alton, Esq. – Alton Law, LLC