Specialized Investigations Consultants is a professional investigation company founded, owned and operated by current and retired law enforcement professionals. Based in Miami and serving all of South Florida with over 100 years of combined State, Federal and Local law enforcement experience.

Due to many cuts to local city and state law enforcement budgets, there is a demand for quality investigative and protection services. Specialized Investigations Consultants provides extremely qualified and trained investigators to suit your needs.

We specializes in a variety of different types of investigations, including armed body guard protection for both exceutive and personal.

  • Private Investigation
  • Attorney assistance
  • Undercover Surveillance Operations
  • Family Issues
  • Infidelity Investigation
  • Child Custody
  • Narcotic Investigator
  • Executive Protection
  • Armed Bodyguard Protection
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Insurance Defense
  • Identity Theft
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Background Checks

Specialized Investigations Consultants has an investigator to provide the best service, tailored to your exact needs. A team consisting of exceptional, locally and nationally recognized, law enforcement professionals. Experienced in various types of surveillance and investigations, from small property crimes, to major violent crimes. We also can professionally handle the new epidemic of Identity theft. Our team also has firearm instructors, defensive tactics instructors, surveillance and counter surveillance experts, narcotic investigators, traffic homicide investigators, diplomatic protection personnel, fraud examiners and many more.

Specialized Investigations Consultants works diligently to provide quality and professional services for our clients. There’s no other team to have on your side, like current and retired law enforcement professionals, who know investigations from beginning to end, know the streets in and out, to protect you, like Specialized Investigations Consultants.