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Our team of executive protection experts (EPs) pride themselves on offering South Florida Executive Protection services at the highest level with only the most exceptional and professional services to our clients. There are often those individuals who hold positions of power or celebrity status that require additional day-to-day security. Some may be in a specific situation, such as a crucial witness in a volatile court case that needs an added layer of protection when they are out in public. At Specialized Investigations Consultants, our EPs know how important it is to feel safe when going about your daily routines.

If you have found yourself in a situation requiring a South Florida Executive Protection Expert, then you need to contact us today. All of our protection agents professionally trained, and more importantly, prepared to provide the ultimate protection for all of our clients.

Specialized knows my family and is able to provide service to multiple memebers of the family simultaniously! We have very complex travel schedules but in Miami, we always rely on Specialized.

Juan M.

Client, Executive Protection

Experienced Executive Protection Agents in South Florida

At Specialized Investigations Consultants, our team of executive protection agents consists of only the most qualified and experienced. Many of our agents come from specialized law enforcement backgrounds and are fully committed to providing unrivaled protection services. Our agents maintain a professional manner while using their knowledge and expertise to perform essential security and protection duties for our clients.

Why choose SIC?

SIC offers South Florida Executive Protection agents and drivers who are proficient in timely departures, offensive driving skills, and when necessary, SIC will have medical professionals on call. SIC is prepared to serve you and provide you with all of your executive protection needs, no matter how big or small.

Our top objective is to keep both our clients and protection agents safe at all times. This is why we take our jobs very seriously and ensure that we are highly capable of handling all types of situations. We want you to feel confident that you and your loved ones are protected around the clock no matter what your specific circumstances may be.

Having former law and military teams protecting you and your family at all times is the only method that makes sense when it comes to securing protection.

Executive Protection – Confidentiality

Before you select your South Florida Executive Protection Team, make sure you are legally protected. Things like the locations you visit, people you visit and associate with, businesses you’re seen at, and the list goes on.

SIC ensured you are protected with appropriate non-disclosure agreements. SIC will provide a NDI for the business, Specialized Investigation Consultamts; however, you will also be provided an NDI signed by your dirver.


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