Child Custody Investigations


Generally speaking, child custody determinations are made with the child’s best interests in mind, regardless of what is favored or convenient for the parents. And generally speaking, that sounds fair.

Using a private investigator in child custody disputes can reveal whether a parent is capable of providing a stable home environment for the child or children. These investigations can involve surveillance, database checks, “significant other” checks and much more.

In other cases, there may be concerns about child abuse or drug use by the noncustodial parent (which would be relevant for visitation determinations).

I’ve been trying to tell anyone that would listen, my wife of 16 years was mistreating our children. They were able to get the video proof I needed to let everyone see what was happening. You could tell they were engaged with the assignment .

Michael T.

Client, Child Custody


Investigators have a variety of tools and methods at their disposal to help with custody cases, including the gathering of witness statements, background checks, and surveillance. After custody is awarded, we can provide evidence of custody or visitation agreement violations.

How we manage the investigation will vary by the type of dispute and the needs of the case. However, in most cases we perform the following basic tasks:

Collection of Evidence

searching through documents for the “smoking gun,” digging for civil judgments or criminal records, talking to people, or utilizing other means such as a stakeout.


Working within the confines of the law, we’ll watch an individual to see where they go, how they interact with their children (if it’s a custody case, for example), whether they’re living a secret life, etc.

Background Checks

Checking a person’s professional history, social contacts, credit, criminal history, and other such information typically is done via the internet but also may involve phone calls and interviews.

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