We provide expertise in all types of corporate investigations, whether inside or outside your company. SIC will become your trusted partner, leading the risk management and corporate security industry.

SIC will serve as the watchdog of your corporate risk by defining new standards for corporate investigations, while consistently revolutionizing our industry. The world’s finest companies rely on SIC to perform investigations into a wide array of corporate risk concerns.

Jay Marin is the best by far! We use SIC for all of our surveillance. We had issues with other investigations companies just not securing quality results. For the last three years SIC has consistently obtained results we need to make informed decisions.

Michael T.

Client, Corporate Surveillance


Do you think your employees are stealing from you? Do you suspect them of illegal or unwanted activities at work? Maybe you have an employee sleeping on the job. What about a relationship budding that could end in a lawsuit for you.

SIC deploys video and audio surveillance, along with a host of other investigation services to develop tangible and irrefutable evidence to support your concerns. With proof of the wrongdoing, your options quickly multiply and put you back in the driver’s seat!

80% of Employees Are Stealing in Some Way

Over 50 years ago, a study found that about 15% of employees were stealing from their employers. Fast forward to today – the theft of time, money, products, and supplies has risen north of 80%. So, if you have a suspicion, its most likely valid.

Why choose SIC?

SIC is the industry leader when it comes to surveillance in Miami and Tampa. We will make you feel as comfortable as possible during the investigation process.


Dealing with the employee(s) once you become aware

The employee(s) can be investigated swiftly, efficiently, with little or, in some cases no knowledge the investigation is taking place.

Irrefutable, court-ready documentation

Should you wish to pursue legal action, our clear and accurate investigative report will stand strong beside you. If necessary, the lead investigator will stand ready to testify if need be.


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