Are you having trouble trying to locate someone? Is a family member missing or wonder what became of your high school sweetheart. Or maybe you need a professional touch while trying to locate a witness for a case? If you find yourself in any of these situations, then Specialized Investigations Consultants are the private investigators for you. We can help anyone with their locate or skip tracing needs.

If my insurance company couldn’t find the driver of the car that hit me, I was on the hook for the damages to my car, even though the other driver was a hit and run. They gave their information to another investigation company and they could not find the driver no matter what. I hired Brian and he had the name, address, and telephone number of the driver, who was arrested this evening. Insurance company couldn’t do it, the police didn’t want to, so Brian did! Thank you.

Liz Goldstein

Client, Domestic Locate


SIC will become your go-to for all locate investigations. We can initiate an inquiry with minimal information and generate tangible results. When you call, we will delve into your needs based on the circumstances. We have access to thousands of national and international databases yielding the results we need to get you the answers you need.

We’ve located:

  • Witnesses
  • Relatives
  • Biological Parents
  • Heirs
  • Debtors
  • Old Friends
  • Lost Loves
  • Missing Children
  • Runaways
  • Senior Family Members

SIC isn’t an “Instant Search” database company relaying outdated public record information. All of our private investigators are licensed professionals specializing in finding people, quickly and cost effectively. Our team has access to data and resources that allow us to get you the result you want, not excuses.

We’ll report back to you where your subject’s lives now along with other addresses of interest. Additionally, we provide you with a current telephone number(s) for them, or close relatives and associates when available.


Some people are harder to locate than others and it often depends on whether they want to be found or not. Those wanted by law enforcement, hiding from creditors, drug users and others require more work to locate than the average person.

We encourage you to provide our team with as much information as you can about the person we are trying to locate. By doing this ahead of time, we can give you an accurate perspective about the time and cost required.


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