We employ licensed and insured surveillance investigators to gather audio and video evidence depending on your needs. Our surveillance investigators are experienced and well versed in current state laws so you don’t have to worry about legal pitfalls.

A great surveillance investigator will become familiar with the particulars of an investigation. Taking the video or audio is the easy part, knowing when and where to be, in order to capture the footage required, should be left to an experienced private investigator.

I have to thank Jay and his team of ‘professionals’! I was amazed at the amount of video and really amazed that they got so close to my wife and the “subject” for such clear ID’s. You never want to find out you’re wife is cheating but if she is, these guys are the best.

Gary S.

Client, Marital Infidelity


Specialized Investigations Consultants offers a wide variety of investigative services throughout the Greater Miami and Tampa Bay area.

SIC specializes in surveillance related to cheating spouses, marital infidelity, and family law. Our investigative team maintains a necessary balance of compassion and trust, understanding these unfortunate situations can be very difficult for our clients.

Do you think your significant other is cheating? SIC can help you immediately if you think that your significant other may be cheating on you in Florida.

Why choose SIC?

SIC is the industry leader when it comes to surveillance in Miami and Tampa. We will make you feel as comfortable as possible during the investigation process.


We all love our children and want them in a safe, loving environment. That's why at SIC, we are here to help make sure this is what is happening.

During an investigation, we will legally document any type of neglect or abuse that we find in photos, videos, and voice recordings. We are looking for red flags like; alcohol abuse, criminal activity, drug abuse, gambling, and any other negative actions that will affect your child.

We will also be investigating to see if your ex-partner is providing a healthy and safe living environment. There is no reason to worry about your child during the investigation, will always put them and their safety first.

If need be, we will question any family members or close friends and conduct background checks. 


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