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The private investigation profession is one of a kind, but we can all agree some methods are quite out dated. The Modern Day Investigations conference strives to find the perfect blend of classic techniques with new concepts and resources to build the ultimate investigator. MDI will give you a chance to meet colleagues nationwide and hear from some of the best investigators. The world is constantly progressing, creating new devices and concepts to grow your business and your success. Why not apply this to our industry? Join us to find the latest ways of making your company successful all while enjoying the beautiful Miami.


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Our corporate sponsors not only increase their branding partner among their primary audience, but more importantly, they become part of our on-going effort to better the investigation community through relevant industry knowledge.

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The Modern Day Investigations Conference was born out of a burning desire to learn. However, we wanted to ‘level-up’ our exposure to the most modern training methods available. It’s time to get NEXT LEVEL conference ready!

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Our decision to host the MDI conference in Miami, Florida was no coincidence! The MDI conference is the perfect conference to work hard and play hard. Bring your family and make it a memorable family vacation.

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Jay Marin

Jay Marin

Investigation and Protection Specialist

Mr. Marin has worked extensively in the financial fraud and violent crimes disciplines. He obtained his Certified Criminal Defense Investigator Certification and is the co-host of ‘The Life of an American PI, a progressive industry podcast. Mr. Marin is a proponent of using the most current technology and investigative practices. Mr. Marin is hosting this event to help teach, train, and make our industry the best it can be.

Michele Stuart

Michele Stuart

Security Specialist

Ms. Stuart began a carerr in investigations in 1990 and she presently owns and operates JAG Investigations. Ms. Stuart has more than 28 years of experience in OSINT, counter intelligence, insurance and financial fraud investigations, threat assessments, due diligence, organized retail crime, as well as corporate and competative inteligence.

Brandon Perron

Brandon Perron


Mr. Perron is an award winning, nationally recognized private investigator and the National Director of the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council. Mr. Perron is a Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator, Certified Forensic Interviewer, and has been classified as a expert in criminal investigation from the courts. Mr. Perron earned an A.S. and B.S. Degree in Criminal Justice Administration.



Junk Science? What PIs Criminal Defense Attorneys Need to Know About Forensic Science

A Private Investigator’s Guide to Understanding Forensic Science

Since OJ, forensic science has gained widespread popularity in large part due to countless TV crime dramas and documentaries. Fans are intrigued by its capabilities and impact on seeking the truth and justice and believe what they see on the big screen without knowing anything about the science. Unfortunately, many Private Investigators and defense attorneys fall into this same category. Other than being educated by Hollywood, few know anything about forensic science.

Today, we face a national dilemma regarding the use of forensics in our justice system. To compound the problem, most attorneys and PIs are intimidated by the “science” and accept the science and related testimony because they do not “understand” the science. Too often, lawyers are unwilling to attack forensic evidence and fear anything with the name ‘science’ attached to it.

Mark will go through each forensic discipline and present ways your defense team can attack the science and the scientist to ensure justice is supplied appropriately.


Smartphone Data & Using it in Your Investigation

Smartphones are part of almost every investigation and living in the dark as to the data and what can be gathered can cost you. In this session, we will go through the ins and outs of the devices and the data they have access to. What can and cannot be recovered and used in an investigation. This class will give you the basics of what you should be seeing when you review the data in a smartphone and what data exists from popular Apps. A practical review of data from the device and also data from the cloud accounts that are accessed with the device will be discussed and demonstrated. You don’t need to be a geek to get the data from a smartphone.


Investigations Liability, Risk, & Media Insurance

Yergey Insurance Services is dedicated to providing insurance coverage and services to our customers with the utmost in honesty and professionalism. Our goal is to educate our clients in the insurance field and work with them to determine and locate the proper coverage for each client individual and business. We also pledge to continue to service and grow with each client to maintain these goals.

Due to the growth within the Yergey Insurance Services family and the new relationships with numerous insurance companies and vendors, we are now able to provide more options for you. We have increased our staff with specialists in the commercial lines insurance field that can help you in all areas of insurance and risk management.

Yergey Insurance Services is now a full lines agency. Our line of products offered has increased providing property, casualty, home and auto coverage for both commercial and personal insurance needs. The agency thrives on the personal relationships that it develops with clients and feels that education and customer service are the keys to being successful.


Newest Surveillance Equipment and Use of New Equipment & Techniques

Jim is a twenty-eight year veteran of the Wildwood New Jersey Police Department retiring with the rank of Sergeant. Jim is the Vice President of the New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association established in 1955 to promote professionalism among our licensed investigator members. Jim also is a former State Investigator with the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security and preparedness handling many sensitive investigations. As a law enforcement professional, Jim’s assignments have included many years as a Detective as well as working undercover on some of the largest narcotics investigations in his area.

Jim has also served as a staff instructor at the Cape May County Police Academy and holds a State Academy Instructor certification, instructing in many areas of study including HAZMAT, Accident Investigation, Narcotics Investigation, and blood-borne pathogens to name a few. He also served as his department’s Safety Officer responsible for state safety reporting and inspections.

Jim also served as a National Board member and national instructor for the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) and has instructed a variety of school safety and security courses across the country to hundreds of sworn law enforcement officers. Jim has served as a consultant to several school districts, conducting security plan reviews and active shooter/threat management response

He is also a military reservist non-commissioned officer with the United States Coast Guard and has been deployed on three occasions including to the recovery efforts after the WTC attack in 2001; providing security at Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) Cuba and overseas during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

While serving in the military, Jim was named Reserve Special Agent of the Year in 2008 for his lead role in an investigation of the release of classified military information by a contractor of another government agency. He has held active roles in high profile events such as the Republican National Convention in New York and the personal protection details of dignitaries throughout the New Jersey and New York areas.

Jim is the past Director of Training for Covenant Security Services, the premier provider of private security services throughout the United States. Jim is responsible for the training of over 3000 uniformed officers at over 140 locations throughout the United States at some of the country’s largest companies including many fortune 500 companies.

Rachel’s Bio

Rachel Cracchiola, Solutions Sales Manager, has been with Vigilant Solutions since mid-2008. Rachel serves law enforcement agencies and officers daily with an extensive background in LPR and data sharing and online web-based LPR applications. Rachel brings over 10 years of business expertise in the data and technology field. Rachel has been working with the LPR data and analytics serving the law enforcement industry with extensive training to benefit from LPR technologies and associated data.

Rachel is growing the Event Links program and paving the way for US-based law enforcement agencies and licensed Investigators to benefit from LPR technology. Rachel’s active account portfolio exceeds over 40,800 clients.

DRN Profile

Digital Recognition Network, DRN, fuels revenue, growth, and streamlined work processes for the top names in auto lending, insurance, and fraud. Our story is how Event Links, our exclusive vehicle location data and analytics, helps customers know more, faster. With Event Links, we help our customers reach their customers, locate their assets, prioritize collections activity, manage risk, uncover fraud and identify rate evasion.

Vehicle Location Data – comes from license plates that are publicly visible for all to see. The United States is home to the largest passenger vehicle market in the world with over 250 million passenger vehicles traveling on public roads and thoroughfares. Every car has a license plate and our cameras capture images of license plates that pass within the field of view of the camera, the location where the camera was located when the photograph was taken, and the time and date the camera took the photograph. These cameras simply automate a process that has been done manually for years – capturing publicly visibly and publicly available information. Because the camera is photographing license plates in public locations visible for all to see, there is no expectation of privacy in the data we collect. We take those images and the data associated with them and leverage our analytics to deliver Event Links and DRNsights, solutions for Auto Finance, Insurance and Auto Recovery.