Miami Executive Protection Services

At Specialized Investigations Consultants, we pride ourselves on the level of experience that we can provide to our clients. We know that there are certain situations in life that can arise where you may fear for your safety. We know that individuals with a high-profile status may face more threats than the average individual. We know that an added layer of security can help one have peace of mind that they can go about their daily life.

If you are in need of Miami bodyguard services, then contact our team here at Specialized Investigations Consultants. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable in performing all of the necessary duties for that of a Miami personal bodyguard.

Experienced Miami Executive Protection Agents

At Specialized Investigations Consultants, our Miami executive protection agents are professionally trained and have years of experience. Our team of protection agents in Miami is comprised of current and former law enforcement officers, SWAT team members, and members of the Special Forces.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe, so we take all situations very seriously. We want to make sure that both our clients and our protection agents are free from harm at all times.

There is no better option than to have professionally trained, former law and military members providing protection for you and your family.

When needing protection, what better people to have by your side than experienced tactical law enforcement officers? At Specialized Investigations Consultants, we take the safety and security of our clients very seriously. Our objective is to make sure our clients and Protection Agents are always safe.

Fully Trained Miami Personal Bodyguards

miami executive protection sevices

All of our Miami personal bodyguards and security personnel have been thoroughly trained in a range of areas that fall under executive protection and bodyguard services in Miami. Our agents are fully trained on how to teach effective tactics for managing firearms, including concealing and alternating. In addition, we are fully trained in teaching our clients defensive tactics to help them in any type of situation. We have also performed many top-secret clearances and have the ability to provide federal protection. All agents have received FAA Certified Anti-Terrorist & Air Safety training and can provide U.S. diplomatic security protection. In addition to being capable of providing combat driving and training, we have many years of experience in surveillance and counter-surveillance measures.

When you hire our Miami personal bodyguards for security and protection, your safety is our top priority. We are one hundred percent committing to providing 24/7 protection for our clients no matter what their circumstances may be.

Contact Us For Executive Protection In Miami

At Specialized Investigations Consultants, we always perform an in-depth initial review of your current case and any details that we need to be aware of. We look into various aspects including your public exposure; any individuals that may have had issues with you in the past; your family and loved ones; previous work and social history; and, so forth.

Once we finish our initial review, we come up with a personalized security plan based on your existing circumstances. This plan will include all aspects of your day-to-day, including your work, residence, outings, and more. You can ensure that we put your safety at the very top of our list.

At Specialized Investigations Consultants, we provide exceptional executive protection services in Miami and throughout South Florida. Our goal is to make sure our clients have the peace of mind to go about their daily lives without fear and our Miami personal bodyguards are committed to it.

Whether you are a celebrity, government official, high-profile executive, or an everyday individual that needs around-the-clock security and protection, Specialized Investigations Consultants has your back. We provide only the most exceptional Miami bodyguard services to our clients and are one of the most well-known authority figures in this space throughout all of South Florida.

Contact us today for more information about our  Miami executive protection services.