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miami-polygraph-testingPolygraph examinations are administered to determine the degree of truthfulness and validity within a person. A polygraph test uses various components to measure one’s physiological responses when specifically-structured questions are asked. The exam can be conducted as a vital step in pre-employment screenings, theft and fraud investigations, as well as infidelity cases to elicit the truth.

At Specialized Investigation Consultants, we specialize in polygraph testing services in Miami and surrounding areas. We offer a comprehensive lie detector test that will help you to decide the validity of claims made by the examinee.

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If you are recruiting an employee with a criminal or suspicious past, not only it can bring a bad name to your brand but you may incur losses as well. Therefore, it may be necessary to conduct a complete background check before hiring an employee, particularly for high-profile jobs. An effective technique that can help you to know whether the employee you are hiring is not guilty of committing any crime in the past is to conduct a lie detector test.

In most cases, a pre-employment polygraph examination interview is conducted prior to the exam itself to review the examinee’s full employment, financial, crime and drug background in addition to any other outside issues pertinent to passing the exam truthfully. You can contact us for Miami polygraph services and hire only those employees who have a clean record. Furthermore, if there is a case of theft in the workplace and you are suspecting one of your employees is the culprit, you can utilize our polygraph testing services to clear your doubts.

Investigative polygraph examinations can be conducted to clarify details, accounts, stories and possible confessions from an examinee. This type of exam focuses on theft from their person, property or employer or any other fraudulent activity.

At Specialized Investigations Consultants, we can come to your assistance if you have been a victim of theft or fraud. With the help of our polygraph services, you can find out about the real culprit behind the theft or fraud. Thus, there are chances of the losses that were caused by theft or fraud to be recovered.

A polygraph may be administered to clarify fidelity issues or concerns within a marriage or relationship. This type of test allows both the examinee and their partner to explore any major concerns. Ultimately, the polygraph will elicit specific truths regarding any possible issues within the partnership.

Our polygraph testing services can help you to live a happy and satisfied life with your significant other with enhanced peace of mind as you will be rest assured that your spouse or partner is loyal to you if they pass the lie detector test.

Note: infidelity testing will not be administered with an examinee’s partner present.

Member of the Florida Polygraph Association.

How Do Our Polygraph Testing Services Work?

The polygraph examiner asks different questions related to some particular cases or events to the examinee during the test. When the examinee answers these questions, their body shows some psychological changes if they are lying. For example, change in pulse rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure can appear if an individual is lying. With the help of cutting-edge digital computerized equipment, these changes in the body of the examinee are recorded. Consequently, the truthfulness of their answers is adjudged by the polygraph examiner. The whole testing process can last from anywhere between two and four hours.

Why Hire Specialized Investigations Consultants?

A Reliable Name

We are a proud member of the Florida Polygraph Association and have created a repute of offering professional services. This is a major reason why we are ranked among the most reliable investigation consultants in Miami.

Experienced Staff

We have a team of experienced and qualified staff who are at the helm of conducting lie detector tests. They use their expertise, skills, and experience optimally to ensure authentic results are produced. Furthermore, we have equipped them with advanced digital equipment, which they use to carry out lie detector tests on the examinee.

Dedicated to Providing the Best Services

We are dedicated and committed to providing the best polygraph testing services in Miami. We believe in walking the extra mile to ensure our clients nothing but the most satisfying results.


We have years of experience in providing exceptional polygraph testing services across Miami and the surrounding areas. During this tenure, we have served a number of clients who required lie detector tests for various reasons.

Polygraph Services and Testing in Miami

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