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Our South Florida Private Investigators are ready to exceed your expectations. Specialized Investigations Consultants is a leading private investigation firm in Miami and Tampa.

Our professionalism, experience, and comprehensive services helped us to achieve an excellent reputation. Our experienced and professional South Florida private investigators are ready to assist you. We provide a range of the most sought-after investigation services in South Florida.

General Investigations

At Specialized Investigations Consultants, we provide a wide range of general investigation services. Our experienced private investigators in South Florida will evaluate and analyze your specific case, and create customized solutions as part of your next steps. Our team has the knowledge and talent required to gather accurate information to relay to you regarding your general investigation cases.

Legal Investigations

Attorneys and law firms can avail our legal investigation services to deal with complex cases. We typically assist with a variety of undercover operations to help gather evidence for cases. In addition, we identify potential witnesses and prep them for examination to assist with legal cases.

Background Checks

Background check services offered by our team here at Specialized Investigations Consultants provide companies the ability and confidence to ensure that any new or potential employees they are hiring have no hidden criminal record. This way, only professional and reliable employees are hired who can take an active part in the growth of the business.

Family Related Matters

Cases such as divorce hearings, child custody in Miami and Tampa, infidelity cases, and so on can be very tiresome and complex at times. It is important to scrutinize every move of the opposing party to gain evidence and contradicting points to help you win your case. For this purpose, you can hire the best private investigator in South Florida at Specialized Investigations Consultants. Our professionals will closely follow your case and find details that may have been missed that can help you see a positive outcome.

Infidelity Investigations

At Specialized Investigations Consultants, we understand how painful it is to have doubts regarding your significant other’s faithfulness. To ensure whether there is actually a case of infidelity or not, you need to hire our professional South Florida private investigators. We will closely monitor the activities and whereabouts of your partner along with using other advanced undercover investigation skills for finding conclusive evidence or lack thereof.

Missing Person Investigations

If you want to find the whereabouts or additional details for a person who has gone missing suddenly, contact our team of investigators today. Our experienced team will be able to analyze the specific details of the case and be able to stumble upon aspects that would have otherwise been missed.

Fraud Investigations

If you feel you are on the verge of becoming a victim to fraud in your business or any other matter, it is advised to not ignore the hints, but instead act rather quickly and hire a team of private investigators to help you through the situation. With the use of advanced investigation skills and techniques, we will help you stay protected against frauds and scams.

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