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You’ll often hear from investigators, "…surveillance is an art, not a job." Specialized Investigations Consultants sets the standard in the art of surveillance in Miami and Tampa. We maintain a fleet of vehicles allowing us to be ready for any surveillance assignment.

Surveillance is irrefutable evidence of one’s activity. Do you suspect nefariousness with a business associate? A rogue employee? A partner? A vendor? A supplier? The best companies rely on SIC for discreet surveillance for an array of corporate risk.

Jay Marin is the best by far! We use SIC for all of our surveillance. We had issues with other investigations companies just not securing quality results. For the last three years SIC has consistently obtained results we need to make informed decisions.

Michael T.

Client, Corporate Surveillance

Following the Facts

Do you think your employees are stealing from you? Do you suspect them of illegal or unwanted activities at work? You have an employee sleeping on the job. What about a relationship budding that could end in a lawsuit for you.

SIC deploys video surveillance in Miami and Tampa, along with a host of other investigation services. We do this to develop tangible and irrefutable evidence to support your concerns. With proof of the wrongdoing, your options multiply and put you back in the driver’s seat!

Why choose SIC?

SIC is the leader in Florida when it comes to surveillance in Miami and Tampa. We only use experienced investigators who maintain a track record in surveillance techniques.

80% of Employees Are Stealing in Some Way

Over 50 years ago, a study found that about 15% of employees were stealing from their employers. Fast forward to today – the theft of time, money, products, and supplies has risen north of 80%.

If you have a suspicion and you need answers, give us a call. If it’s happening, we’ll let you know.


Dealing with the employee(s) once you become aware

Depending on the level of the theft and certainty of the offender, you may need to investigate. It’s important to keep normalcy for the suspect. Our investigators operate in a discreet manner and assist you during the investigation.

Irrefutable, court-ready documentation

If you want to pursue legal action, our investigative report will stand strong beside you. If necessary, the lead investigator will stand ready to testify to the case events.

Media storage and distribution

With the latest technology, safe storage and easy link distribution is a cinch. Our case management system is second to none and provides for a fluid workflow.


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