Specialized Investigations Consultants is a full service, professionally licensed and insured private investigation agency.

Investigation Services

Investigation services in Miami and Tampa can reveal a great deal all year long. Thanks to our amazing weather, people are in the public eye more than anywhere else. But, you have to select someone who understands your situation and can help.


Surveillance is irrefutable evidence of one’s activity. Do you suspect nefariousness with a business associate? A rogue employee?


The most important background work in any merger, purchase, financial deal, or real estate transaction is the due diligence process.

Child Custody

When settling child custody in Miami and Tampa, they make the decision in the best interest of the child.


Are you having trouble trying to locate someone, or maybe a group of people?

Asset Search

The asset search in Miami and Tampa can be the most crucial pre-litigation task when considering a lawsuit. If they don’t have anything, then why are you suing?

Domestic Investigation

Are you concerned about your spouse cheating, maybe battling for custody of a minor child, or any other relevant family matter?


Specialized Investigations Consultants provides investigation services in Miami and abroad. Led by industry professionals, Jay Marin. We’ve assembled a team of investigators and specialists from a plethora of fields. When you hire Specialized Investigations Consultants, you are working with the best. We maintain the sources to handle a wide range of investigation services. Corporate America requires a select type of investigator. One who assumes responsibility for your case from ‘cradle to grave.’ With offices in Miami and Tampa, our services extend throughout the state of Florida.


If you think you need a private investigator, you presumably do. You’ll need us because time is usually of the essence. The good news is we’ll work to secure the evidence that you need to proceed.

We’ve selected teammates to ensure every client gets the service(s) they need. Using traditional and modern-day investigative techniques, we get the facts you need. All while keeping our eyes on ROI.

A professional, licensed investigator will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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