Private Investigators in Miami and Tampa

Specialized Investigations Consultants is a professional private investigation agency with private investigators in Miami and Tampa, Florida. SIC is owned and operated by current and retired law enforcement professionals.

Budget cuts and government layoffs have created a demand for quality investigation and executive protection services. Our job is to provide you, our client, with extremely qualified and trained investigators to suit your needs.



SIC will coordinate surveillance efforts throughout the United States. You’ll receive the video and a detailed final report.

Assets and Bank Search

Are you collecting on a judgement? Need to prepare for litigation? We perform both bank and asset searches.

Locate Investigation

We’ll provide you with the subject’s latest information to include address, DOB, phone, email address, etc.

Employee and Tenant Screening

Before opening your doors or hiring your next employee, know before you go! As basic or as detailed as you need.

Nationwide Background Investigation

Our report will include DOB, SSN, Phones, Emails, criminal check, assets, vehicles, bankruptcies, liens, judgements and more.

OFAC and Federal Watch Lists

We’ll run the subject through U.S. and worldwide watch lists. Ensure you’re not doing business with known criminals or sanctioned entities.


Honest, Expert Investigators

SIC investigators are vetted professionals and subject matter experts. SIC always has an investigator ready to provide the best service, tailored to your exact needs.

Modern Day Techniques

Your investigation is happening in the 21st Century but are the methods employed more appropriate for an episode of Magnum PI, the old one? You should fix that.

Results, results, results…

Although it sound backwards, you should always start your planning of an investigation with what you want the results to look like. At SIC, its the only way we plan an investigation.


Our Clients Come First

The investigation and the services we use to perform them are for you, our client. You’ll be included in the intelligence of the investigation through to completion of the investigation.

Honest Communication

Our team is committed to consistent and intelligent communication with our clients. The term, "I don’t want any surprises,"  lives in the investigative industry. When appropriate and prudent, we strive for complete transparency with our clients.

Committed to Excellence

You’ve spent a lot of money on the investigation but did it work? Were the results what you expected? SIC is committed to results of the investigation. Staying focused on the results of the investigation is the only way.



Specialized Investigations Consultants maintains investigative resources throughout the entire United States and Internationally. SIC may need to use investigative partners in some areas. If this is the case, you will always be made aware of the situation and you’ll have the final say regarding personnel.


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In order to protect the privacy of our clients, our staff will only discuss case information with the client of record. If you use this message form to inquire about the status of your case, we will not respond to your request. Please e-mail us directly from the e-mail address we have on file for you, or contact our office.

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