Miami Executive Protection Services

Specialized Investigations Consultants has the tactically sound protection agents you need. Our Protection Agents are current and prior law enforcement officers. Our Protection Agents have been a part of the SWAT team and some have also been a part of the military Special Forces. When needing protection, what better people to have by your side than experienced tactical law enforcement officers. At Specialized Investigations Consultants, we take the safety and security of our clients very serious. Our objective is to make sure our clients and Protection Agents are always safe.

Executive Security Services In Miami

protection01Our agents are extremely skilled and have trained in the following area:

  • U.S. Diplomatic Security Protection.
  • Proficient in alternate weapons and defensive tactics
  • Combat Driving training and experience.
  • Federal protection experience.
  • Top Secret Security Clearances.
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance training and experience.
  • FAA Certified Anti-Terrorist & Air Safety training and experience.
  • Agents Licensed to carry a concealed firearm in the performance of their duties.

Specialized Investigations Consultants is your premier protection agency. Our company has provided protection to regular individuals, confidential executives in and outside the US, to VIP and celebrities. With our tactically training officers, your friends and family will always be safe in our hands.

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At Specialized Investigations Consultants, we provid exceptional executive protection services in Miami and throughout South Florida. Contact us today for more information.