Due Diligence

A comprehensive investigation is crucial to ensure that business claims are accurate. Specialized Investigations Consultants’ due diligence investigations are discreet and entirely confidential (unless reference checks are involved).

Many companies that provide “background services” only compile publicly available data. Specialized Investigations Consultants uncovers hidden details and provides actionable analysis. Our corporate due diligence services are tailored to fit your requirements, and our expert legal investigation team will thoroughly examine all aspects of your prospective opportunities.

If your investigation involves foreign interests, SIC can assist you globally. We have expert investigators who can navigate local laws, languages, and customs, especially when case records are unavailable electronically. Our global network of resources provides you with the investigative capabilities you need.

We have experience with a wide range of due diligence applications, including real property transactions, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures (domestic and international), subsidiaries/agents/brokers, charitable donations and organizations, ownership interests, state-owned companies, boards of directors, and politically exposed persons (PEP).

Don’t take risks with your due diligence investigation. Choose SIC as your investigative partner, committed to protecting you and your business.

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