Current Events

Advancing to the Modern Day Investigation Industry

The investigation industry is one that dates to 1833. Eugene Francois Vidocq established a private investigation agency, the first of its kind. He, along with all the other detectives in the agency, was a former convict. He named the agency Le bureau des Renseignements, The … Read more

Safety / Tips & Tricks

Safety Tips – Active Shooter

Unfortunately, active shooter encounters have become our reality. They can and have happened anywhere, schools, offices, bars and even festivals. Just this past week, innocent lives were taken at a California country bar as a result of a shooting. These unfortunate circumstances can happen at … Read more

Tips & Tricks

Social Media and its Decievers

Social media has become more than just a frenzy. Beginning with Myspace and Facebook to now Instagram and Twitter, our world is being overcome by these social networking sites. These web pages have turned into the new way to meet friends and even find dates. … Read more

Current Events

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Who is Telling the Truth?

It seems the topic of sexual harassment has been all over the media these days. From the hottest stars in Hollywood to the Justices of the Supreme Court, sexual harassment allegations have been an area of focus. As a result, employees appear to be making … Read more