Who’s working your file?

Investigation services in Miami and Tampa can reveal a great deal all year long. Thanks to our amazing weather, people are in the public eye more than anywhere else. But, you have to select someone who understands your situation and can help.

Specialized Investigations Consultants has the best South Florida private investigators who perform investigation services in Miami and Tampa. We use seasoned professionals with specific knowledge depending on the case. From law enforcement to military experience, our investigators are prepared and ready to assist.

When you use SIC, you’ll always know who is working your case. Expect results on every case, whether good or bad. Our private investigators in Miami and Tampa have a massive passion for the truth. Let’s discuss what you need done.

Our services can vary a great deal. We use common terms to describe services like surveillance, background checks and more. You may need one of these services with some modifications. We’ll discuss what the goals are and what needs to happen. With your approval, we’ll immediately get started. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Below are Some of Our Investigation Services in Miami and Tampa


SIC employs the best surveillance investigators in Florida. Our surveillance investigators are all prepared with the latest technology. It’s bread-and-butter work for private investigators and can address an array of issues.

Due Diligence

Decision-makers and high wealth individuals rely on SIC’s due diligence services. Our DDI provides an in-depth and accurate look at an individual. Results can include pre-employment, criminal past, and much more.

GPS Tracking

Tracking technology can be a necessary asset when it comes to investigative services. It provides concrete evidence but GPS devices are safe, efficient, and cost-effective. When legal, it has revolutionized the way that we surveil.

Desktop Investigations

Referred to as data support, our best investigations begin with our desktop team. Our team is prepared and possesses unparalleled experience. From background checks and canvasses to activities checks and recorded statements.

Infidelity Investigations

Wives who suspect their husbands of cheating are correct 85% of the time. Husbands who suspect their wives of cheating are correct 50% of the time. Approximately 60% of men and 40% of women will cheat in their marriage.

Child Custody

Family matters are very emotional, as well as extremely difficulty for all parties involved.  Our team will guide you step by step,  covering all points needed in your case, so you and the children can come out with a positive outcome.

Celebrity and High Profile

When we can’t trust someone, we go through their phones, purses, and emails. When celebrities feel unsafe, SIC mitigates loss using coordinated investigations. SIC has the resources for these high profile investigations.

Executive Protection

Personal safety and security are always legitimate concerns. SIC maintains armed and unarmed EPs. We have an executive-fleet of Cadillac Escalades for our clients throughout Florida. Our staff stands ready to serve you and yours.

Locate Investigations

We are the final stop for your skip-trace investigation services. Do you need to find someone? Our investigators are able to work your locate investigation with minimal data. We’ll start with what you have and work from there.

Intellectual Property

Feel like someone is stealing ideas? Being able to prove, intellectual property is being stolen is a different story. SIC will to with you to ensure a seamless investigation. Our IT investigators may get involved based on difficulty.

Scene Inspections

Scene investigations provide evidence preservation and insight. It helps understand how an accident likely occurred and who may be at fault. Each day people and machines have accidents. We make sure you know what happened.

SIU and Claims

Insurance companies consider some activities to be a possible fraud indicator. Insurance fraud is “any act committed with the intent to get undo payment from an insurer”. Our office will investigate and prosecute if necessary.


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