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Child custody cases require a foundation of solid, irrefutable evidence, especially when dealing with sensitive matters that are likely to be heavily scrutinized in the court system. Understanding the critical nature of concrete evidence in family court proceedings, our team is dedicated to supporting those in need of meticulous investigative services.

We specialize in delivering comprehensive evidence collection tailored to the needs of family law cases. Our approach involves an array of investigative techniques, from detailed surveillance and extensive database searches to in-depth witness interviews, all aimed at gathering relevant information that can decisively impact custody and visitation determinations.

In locales like Miami, Tampa, and Lakeland, custody decisions prioritize the child’s best interest. Issues such as child abuse, neglect, or substance misuse by a noncustodial parent are, unfortunately, not uncommon but are often difficult to prove. Our team is skilled in uncovering essential evidence to protect the children involved, while always operating within the strict confines of the law.

We meticulously sift through documents, explore civil and criminal records, conduct interviews, and utilize all legal means at our disposal to gather comprehensive evidence. Our strategy is multi-faceted, employing diverse techniques and state-of-the-art technology to ensure our findings are comprehensive and will withstand legal scrutiny.

For those seeking professional investigative support for child custody challenges, or representing someone who is, we would like to extend an invitation for a complimentary consultation. In this confidential setting, specific aspects of your situation will be discussed, and guidance provided on how our team can support you in gathering the evidence you need.

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SIC is our go-to business investigator but they really separate themselves with the quality and detail of the corporate due diligence product. The amount of information we received was more than enough to make an informed decision we were very comfortable with.

Conner L.