Are you looking for reliable, discreet surveillance services in Miami, Tampa, or Lakeland? Look no further than Specialized Investigations Consultants (SIC). Our team of highly trained investigators considers surveillance to be an art, not just a job. With a fleet of vehicles and years of experience, SIC is the premier choice for personal and business surveillance.

Personal Surveillance

Are you concerned about a partner or associate’s suspicious behavior? SIC can help. We provide discreet surveillance services for a variety of personal risks. Our investigators operate discreetly, so you can maintain normalcy with the suspect. We will assist you throughout the investigation and provide irrefutable evidence of their activity.

Business Surveillance

Businesses face a multitude of risks, from theft to fraud, and SIC is here to help. We provide surveillance services for businesses of all sizes, from small local companies to large corporations. Our team of investigators can help you identify and document theft, fraud, or other illegal activities and provide you with court-ready documentation to support your case.

If you need to pursue legal action, our investigative report will stand strong beside you. We provide court-ready documentation to support your case, including video footage and photographs. If necessary, our lead investigator will be ready to testify in court about the events captured during surveillance.

With the latest technology, safe storage and simplified distribution of evidence is a cinch. Our case management system is second to none and provides a fluid workflow. You can rest easy knowing that all evidence is securely stored and easily accessible.

When you need reliable, discreet surveillance services, choose Specialized Investigations Consultants. Our team of investigators considers surveillance to be an art, and we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest quality surveillance services available. With our fleet of vehicles and years of experience, you can trust SIC to provide you with irrefutable evidence and court-ready documentation to support your case. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your surveillance needs.

SIC is our go-to business investigator but they really separate themselves with the quality and detail of the corporate due diligence product. The amount of information we received was more than enough to make an informed decision we were very comfortable with.

Conner L.