Finding All of the Assets

The asset search in Miami and Tampa can be the most crucial pre-litigation task when considering a lawsuit. If they don’t have anything, then why are you suing?

Our investigation will reveal things such as liens, judgments, bankruptcies, tangible property, and correspondent bank and brokerage searches, domestically, and internationally. 

If someone doesn’t want you to find an asset, they can be quite clever in their means. In order to give your search the best chances for success, we strongly recommend pre-litigation asset searches.

You’ll find assets before they can be hidden. Additionally, you have something to compare to if a second search is required after successful litigation.

SIC is our go-to business investigators but they really separate themselves with the quality and detail of the corporate due diligence product. The amount of information we received was more than enough to make an informed decision we were very comfortable with.

Conner L.

Client, Corporate Due Diligence

Asset Search Pitfalls

Unfortunately, businesses that provide “asset checks” oftentimes only compile easily available public data. SIC takes it a step (a few steps, actually) further by providing actionable analysis. Our asset search services will be tailored to fit all of your requirements.

International Assets

SIC has assembled a global team of professional investigators who are able to identify and locate concealed or unknown assets. Because asset searches become a progressive investigation with twists and turns, SIC is with you right to the end.

Where to Look

  • Employers
  • Vesssels, cars, trucks
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • Hiding money with family
  • “Gifts” to friends
  • Shell companies
  • Mortgages
  • Offshore accounts
  • and much, much more…


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